Why was TFS started?

Olivia’s passion

From giving lectures at university, Olivia realised that her passion to assist youngsters in education was greater than just one way lecturing and entered the teaching arena here in Benoni. After spending 6 years with the Department of Education, Olivia felt led to create an environment where a fully bilateral experience of learning could take place.

Tutoring for Success opened its doors in April 2017 to satisfy an evident need for such specialised bilateral tutoring to learners who struggle in the mainstream school system.

From humble beginnings in our then residential cottage, Tutoring for Success Education Centre (TFS) has grown with the demand for this more personal and dedicated approach to tuition. 2018 saw the opening of our primary and senior phase buildings and in 2019 our residence was vacated and transformed into our FET phase building, inclusive of a laboratory and hospitality kitchen facility. 2021 saw 3 new classrooms, a 16 toilet ablution block added as well as an extension of our examination hall to cater for 90 learner seats.

In 2023 we have installed a backup to the intermittent water supply interruptions with a 5000 litre storage tank and pump and then more recently, a solar/inverter/battery solution to counter the ongoing loadshedding saga.

With continued increase in the demand for our educational experience, TFS has changed its employment policy and now enjoys a fair mix of qualified teachers, qualified professionals whilst still providing opportunities for B.Ed student teachers to put into practice what they are learning through their university studies, all sharing a passion to educate.

Notwithstanding our focus on education, TFS is also sensitive to the other needs of a learner in his or her overall development. To this end TFS offers various cultural extra mural activities.

With Robotics being the next anticipated main subject inclusion to the re-developed curriculum expected in 2025, TFS introduced elementary Lego Robotics lessons from 2021 which has been replaced with a full Robotics option. However, this is currently only offered as an extra mural activity.

Our aim will always be focused on the learner in providing them with the best possible foundation for their future careers in a safe environment that is conducive to help in achievement of their personal educational aspirations.

hospitality kitchen

Hospitality Kitchen

cooking up a storm

Hospitality Studies has become an increasingly popular subject for learners intending to follow a career in the hospitality and/or tourism industries.

More robust ovens have already been installed to cater for the increased popularity.


experiments and other practicals

From proving Newton’s Laws of Motion to dissections of pig’s hearts and lungs, TFS does it all!

Reading about experiments is vastly different from actually performing them. Using one’s senses of sight, smell, hearing, touch and sometimes taste, provides a deeper¬† and more long lasting learning experience to that gained by merely reading.


examination hall

Examination hall

in the seat!

The Examination Board regulates strict seating arrangements and exam conduct which Impaq and those using Impaq’s curriculum, must abide to.

TFS takes test and exams seriously and ensures that the prescribed rules are followed from Grade 4 through to Grade 12.

We currently have 7 authorised Impaq Invigilators on staff of which one oversees each test or exam being written at the Centre.


providing sanitary facilities

To cater for TFS’s continued learnership growth, it became necessary to build a purposeful ablution block. Consisting of 16 toilets split into 4 individual bathrooms, boys and girls (grades R to 6) and boys and girls (grades 7 to 12).


Moments Captured

sharing memories