Services offered by TFS

safe and conducive environment

TFS strives to provide a safe environment conducive for the provision of focused learner development. Education is not only gained from textbooks but also includes development of interpersonal skills on both horizontal and vertical planes and also the development of their fine and gross motor skills.

Tutoring Services

TFS is a Tutoring Centre which strives to provide quality tutoring for the subjects offered. TFS provides tutoring of the CAPS curriculum as purchased by the PARENT from IMPAQ, a CAPS curriculum provider. TFS is NOT a registered educational institution but a TUTORING CENTRE. TFS offers tutoring for all CAPS subjects to Grade 9 and most CAPS academic subjects in the FET Phase. We offer tutoring in both English and Afrikaans.


TFS recognises that life is tough and that its learners are affected by home life, social media and peer pressures and need an outlet to vent or discuss emotional turbulence. To this end, we appointed our own inhouse psychologist in March 2021 for fulltime counselling. Warrick Masella has become a pillar of strength and support to our learners who struggle with the pressures of this generation. All counselling is strictly confidential between counsellor and learner. Only matters required by law will be brought to the respective authority’s attention.

Extra Mural Activities

To meet the cultural and physical needs of development, TFS offers various extra mural activities that are provided by its tutors after the end of the Centre tutoring day. These activities are dependent upon the skillsets and, more importantly, the availability of our tutors. We believe we are able to offer something for every TFS learner. Extra mural activities cease during test and examination series so as not to interfere with a learner’s test or examination preparation.

what do we do?

our offerings

TFS takes tutoring to a new level.
It is our aim to provide sufficient resources for every willing learner to reach their personal academic potential. Our success is achieved through their achievements.
We strive for perfection but maintain an open door policy where any concerns that arise can be discussed in a manner to obtain satisfactory resolution for all parties.


  • Impaq CAPS curriculum

  • Grades R to 12

  • National Senior Certificate

  • College & university options

  • Accepted at mainstream schools


  • Professional counselling

  • Concession applications

  • Grade 4 adaption process

  • Grade 10 subject selection

  • Grade 12 employment assistance


  • Google Classrooms resource
  • d6 Communicator

  • Extra lessons – all grades
  • Library

  • Past paper revision